Adding Value to Your Consignment Experience

Hey fashionistas!

Have you ever wondered what the process looks like on our end to get all or our amazing inventory ready for the racks (and I do mean AMAZING because I am blessed with wonderful consignors)? Well I am explain the process and get rid of the mystery. 

The truth is it isn't a fast or easy process. It is time consuming and tedious but seriously so worth the effort. Our process helps ensure that we find as many flaws as possible before the items hit the racks or website. This helps ensure the consignor makes the most money and the customer has an easy shopping experience. 
1. We start by meticulously inspecting and sorting each and every item looking for flaws, checking brand, looking for signs of wear, stains, etc. 
2. On occasion we may even choose to fix a flaw (loose button) or take the time to rewash an item (rare occasion but it does happen if it is a really great item and I think I can save it). 
3. If items were sorted in to a holding container we then prep to hang which provides an additional chance for inspection. 
4. We steam EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM. This helps eliminate any wrinkles, sanitizes clothing (items are already clean but they can't be too clean :) ) and provides yet another chance for inspection. 
5. We price and tag each item individually. For alot of items we research brand and even try to find the exact item to ensure that we are pricing fairly for both the consignor and the shopper. 
It seems like a lot right? It is but I consider each step necessary and a value adding step. The consignors can be sure I am pricing their items fairly and presenting them in the best was possible. Shoppers can be confident thay we have put nothing but the best out for them to see. This is definitely a win-win for all parties. 
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