How To Consign

Consigning guidelines

Be sure your all of your shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, shoes, and other apparel items are freshly laundered and in excellent condition.

Items must be brought in laying flat and unwrinkled.


YES, Please:

  • Women's clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • In excellent, like-new condition
  • Current styles
  • Freshly Laundered
  • Arriving neatly folded, laid flat in a box


NO, Thank you!

  • Bargain Brands 
  • Outdated styles, even if it is NEW with tags
  • Clothing featuring non-local sports teams or non local cities
  • Clothing that smells like smoke or other strong odors
  • Incomplete clothing set
  • Broken, non working items
  • Business suits.
  • Anything with dirt, mold, rips, stains, tears or defects


Remember The 4 C’s

CUTE: We all like cute fun items. Bring in your items that are oh-so-cute!

CLEAN: Cleanliness is one of our top priorities. We want to make sure our customers are getting the best products as possible. Please bring your items in freshly laundered.

CONDITION: We have very high standards for the condition of items we accept. Nearly-new to like-new condition will sell much easier then something in fair or poor condition.

CURRENT: Our customers want what is in season now and what has been purchased within the last couple of years. Outdated items do not sell well in the store so it may be in your best interest to donate those items to your favorite charity, we can even do that for you!


The nitty-gritty details

1. Consign what is in season

Just like department stores, our customers want us to stock what they are looking for NOW! If you have questions about particular items, please call our store. These “seasons” can change from time to time based on our weather. We may start taking a season earlier or extend a season later to meet our customers' need.


2. Bring in your things to All Season’s

     You do NOT need an appointment to bring in items to consign. However drop off days are Thursday and Saturday. 

“DROP and RUN” service is offered to established consignors. If you are in a hurry you may leave your items for us to review later. Any items not accepted for consignment will be held for pick-up, at your request, for three business days. Otherwise they will be donated. Due to time constraints we do not make reminder calls regarding your pick ups. The responsibility is up to the consignor to contact us or stop in should they wish to retrieve their "Drop and Runs" items we could not accept.  Thank you for your understanding.


*If you have a large number of items, please call first to be sure we will have time to go through items with you.  Especially on weekends, holidays and during in-store events.


SO...YOU DON'T LIVE NEAR US? No problem!

It is not necessary that you live in the Long Beach, Washington area to enjoy the ease and money-saving convenience of consigning with All Season's! Many of our consignors save their items throughout the year and drop them off when they are in the area. They use USPS or UPS to deliver their no-longer-needed items to our store.

Please follow the guidelines listed above for choosing which clothes to send and which would be best donated to your local charities to be sure you are only sending us your very best items. We will only accept the very best quality and brands. If it is not like new, it is probably better to donate.

Once our team has sorted your items, we will send you an email declaring what we have accepted.  You will then be able to: 

  1. Spend your earnings on our website, once your items have sold (must call us to make purchases).
  2. Donate them to charity accounts of your choosing
  3. Request a check from the 1st -15th of each month ($2 mailing fee on all checks)

You will earn 30% of the selling price.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Send us a Request at stating you would like to send us a shipment of clothing items. This way we will be on the lookout for it. Flat rate boxes may be your cheapest option when shipping. 

2.  After receiving your items we will carefully go through everything to make sure they meet our high standards – current styles, no stains, rips, frayed edges, oil spots, holes, pilling fabric, signs of excessive wear, smoke or other strong odors, broken or missing parts, etc. Items that we do not accept WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU.

3. We set the prices based on supply and demand.  Items are displayed for 90 days. After the 60 days the selling price is reduced by 30%. 


    Getting Paid

    You have three options:

    1. Store Credit. When using your money you have earned from consigning you will receive an extra 15% of your credit. IE: You earn $100, you now have $115 to spend inside the store. 
    2. Coming into the store and requesting a check. Available from the 1st-15th of each month.
    3. Donating your items to go to the charity account of your choosing.



    We are not a thrift store in the sense that we do not accept ALL items.