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Sacred Heart Transforming Unique Crystal Mini Purse & Backpack

Sacred Heart Transforming Unique Crystal Mini Purse & Backpack

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Inspiration:  “Don't fear the light within. May it ignite the Sacred Flame in your soul.” 
"Sacred Heart" is dedicated the dreamers & lovers - who pursue what sets their souls on fire! 
This is a 3D Laser Cut Gold Stud Satchel Backpack decorated by a Custom Gold Brangio Charm & engraved with bedazzled glitz under leather.  
* Adorable Custom 3D Gold Charm 
* Handmade & Hand Designed 
* Wide opening bag for maximum capacity & zipper for maximum security. 
* 3 interior security pockets & one rear exterior security pocket. 
* Gold-toned hardware contrasted shimmering crystal studs. 
* Custom color leather for handle & trim. 
* Sturdy engraved studs & crystals. Quality Ensured.  
* Detachable, adjustable, shoulder strap. 
W: 11" x H: 13.75 " x SL: 6.25" 

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